JMWilliams Norton is a general contractor and building company that serves the automotive and restaurant industries. Beverly Norton’s experience ranges from automotive dealerships and facilities to restaurant construction and renovation, event centers, churches, and medical office buildings. The work embodies our core values of quality-focused, upstanding, enjoyable, ambitious, and inventive.

JMWilliams Norton is a general contractor and building company that is different than most. Our leadership, business approach, and 
open-book methodology allow us to provide 
an unexpected level of service, construction management, and design-build product.

Our pre-construction and commercial construction services include feasibility studies, pre-construction scheduling, design input, project management, field engineering and supervision, and cost, schedule, quality, and safety controls.

Since 2001, our clients have hired us for our leadership and industry know-how that creates an exceptional building experience and product. We understand that before a pen has been put to a plan, you’ve already invested a lot and want a partner who understands your needs, requirements, and expectations.

At JMWilliams Norton, we give you peace of mind and build you a great building.

“I’ve always wanted to create. As the son of a commercial builder and an artist, I was born into a family that thrives on creativity.
– Jeff Williams, Founder


Our Values

Proudly confident in our people and our product.

Dependably doing things the way they ought to be done.

Working hard and having fun doing it.

Earnestly seeking better ways to do what we do.

Creatively solving industry and business problems.

Let's talk about your next project.